Welcome to Photo and Photoshop Stav.

Do your digital photos need retouching?

Let me give your photographs a creative adjustment to give each image

the quality you visually experience with your eyes.

~ Creative Retouching ~

What I Do

Do you have photos that don't give you the 'WOW' look.

I will edit your wedding, social and corporate photos.

To bring life to your flat images with digital retouching.

Our prices are based on volume and degree of difficulty of the images.

Fees starts at R20 per photo for simple Lightroom Editing - up to R200 for a full Photoshop edit of products, brides and similar.

Creative Light Art!


Who I Am

A Greek Geek who loves looking at the Light on my screen.

The word photography comes from the ancient Greek words for 'light' and 'drawing'.

We need Light to create photographs!

I change this Light by editing photos into more attractive images.

Digital Image Editing!


My Work

Photo. Photography. Photoshop. Lightroom. Editing by Stav.

Say Hello.

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Tel: +27 (0)79 768 2798
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 till 18:00 or email me 24/7
Photo. Photography. Photoshop. Lightroom. Editing by Stav.